Maxima-6  6-Channel 2.4GHz Full-Range AFHSS Micro Receiver.
The Maxima-6 is our 9-channel, high response, low latency micro receiver.
Designed to work with all Hitec Generation 2 Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology radios and our digital servo line,this addition to our receiver family delivers the ultimate in high resolution response and reliability.
Its full range capability combined with a lightning fast 7ms refresh frame rate and secure hold and fail-safe function make it the perfect micro receivers for both intermediate and advanced pilots who require bullet-proof performance.
The Maxima-6 has a dual diversity standard antenna (non-BODA). Pair this with Hitec’s Aurora 9X, Flash 8 and/or Flash 7 radio systems for the ultimate in radio control technology.

- Full-Range Operation- Dual Standard Antennas (Non-Boda)
- Hold and Fail-Safe Function
- Compatible with Aurora 9X and Digital Servos Only

Operating Voltage
2.4 GHz AFHSS, Generation 2
Full range
3.7V - 9.0V
Weight w/case
Dimensions L.W.H
6.55 g / 0.23 oz.
33x20.8x 10.6mm/1.3x0.82x0.42in.