Motor mount 31SA
Custom Alloy Motor Mount for the ART-400, ART-500, ART-1000, ART-1200 and ART-1300 outrunner motors. Also could be use for other type of motors with outside diameter up to 28 mm, and having described mounting screws patterns.
Mount is compatible with 31 mm spinners.


- Alpha-EV 1M
- Gamma-EV 1.2M
- Agena-EV 1.5M
- Sky-E/EV/EC 1.7M
- Fidelity 2M or similar electro-gliders
Mount Diameter:
Mount Thickness:
Mounting Pattern:
Screw Holes:
31 mm
8.2 mm / 0.32 in.
16 x 19 mm
3 mm
3.4 g / 0.12 oz.
Motor mount 31SA