RDX1 Pro Charger
The RDX1 Pro is a high-performance, microprocessor-controlled charger/discharger with battery management capabilities suitable for most popular battery types. Featuring an integrated six-cell balancer for all Lithium chemistries including the latest high voltage Lithium-Polymer (LiHV) cells, this AC/DC professional-grade unit offers a maximum charge power of 100 watts! Charge Master software feature allows convenient, optional control using your own PC. Its slim, inline, tower design with easily-accessible front ports make this handy space saver a must-have in the workshop! Charge like a RDX1 PRO.

- Slim, Compact, Inline, Tower Design
- Optimized Operating Software
- Automatic Data Save
- Charges All Popular Battery Chemistries
- Integral Lithium Battery Balancer
- PC Control, Using Hitec’s Charge Master Software
- 3.2 Inch, Easy-to-Read Screen
Input Voltage
Cell Types

Charge Power
Charge Current
Discharge Current
Balancing Drain
DC 11V-18V / AC100-240V
Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Fe 1-6 Cells
NiCd, NiMH 1-15 Cells
Pb - 2-20 Volts
0.1A - 10.0A
0.1A - 2.0A
300 mA/Cell
Dimennsions L.W.H
470g / 16.49 oz.
159 x 72.5 x 123 mm
6.25 x 2.85 x 4.85 in.
RDX1 Pro Charger