Sky 1.7M

This sailplane has wide envelope of speeds and superb thermal characteristics.
The Sky is a fast assembling, high quality model and incredible performer.
- It has a double-trapezoid, tapered with two polyhedral bends high aspect wing based on SD7080-high lift airfoil specially modified for this sailplane. It also has a built-in washout for tip-stall resistant flight characteristics, and lower drag.
- Vertical stabilizer with prehinged rudder and horizontal stabilizer with prehinged elevator are made from balsa and is fully laminated with light weight fiber glass cloth for durability and stiffness.
The Sky 1.7M wing also could be built as aileron wing if desired by the builder.
Kit contains:
Model components, all necessary hardware, plans and step by step instructions.

Wing span
Glider weight
Wing area
Wing airfoil
1700 mm / 67 in.
1045 mm / 41.14 in.
285 g / 10 oz.
23.8 dm² / 369

4-6 ch. or more
4-6 ch.
1 ea. HS-40 or HS-45HB or similar
1 ea. HS-40 or HS-45HB or similar
800mAh - NiMh or 2S LiPo
Sky 1.7M
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